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No.G.25018/4/2001/Ind.C.                                                                                     Puducherry, the


WHEREAS a High Level Committee under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary to Government, Puducherry has been constituted by the Government for the purposes of ensuring speedy disposal of applications for setting up industries in this Union Territory and to expedite clearances from different departments/authorities vide G.O.Ms. No.10, dated 21-10-2000 of the Department of Industrial Development (Industries & Commerce), Puducherry;

AND WHEREAS in the sixth para of the G.O. referred to above, it has been mentioned that instructions containing detailed procedure for dealing with applications for setting up industries will be issued separately;

NOW, THEREFORE, after due consultations with the various departments of this Administration involved in the grant of clearances for setting up industrial units in the Union Territory, a simplified procedure to be adopted for according clearances for the setting up of Industrial units in this Union Territory has been formulated and the same is detailed in the annexure to this notification:-




As per the Industrial Policy announced by the Government various time limits have been prescribed to speed up the procedure for issue of Industrial Licences. In order to further simplify the procedure and to curtail undue delays in getting clearances / licences, these detailed instructions are issued which will come into force with immediate effect.

2. Small Scale Industries other than the industries identified as highly polluting by the Puducherry Polluting Control Committee will get Provisional SSI Registration from the following authorities mentioned against each region.


Authority competent to Issue Provisional SSI Registration


Deputy Director of Industries & Commerce /Assistant Director of Industries & Commerce,

Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Thattanchavady, Puducherry.


Assistant Director of Industries, Karaikal.


Technical Officer, Industries Department, Mahe.


Technical Officer, Industries Department,Yanam.

Large & Medium Scale Industries will get acknowledgement for Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum (IEM)/ Industrial Licence (IL) from the Secretariat for Industrial Assistance, Ministry of Industry, Government of India, New Delhi. For such medium and large scale industries which are not identified as highly polluting, the Directorate of Industries & Commerce will issue NOC on submission of an application enclosing therewith a copy of IEM acknowledgement/Industrial licence.

3.     In the case of highly polluting industries like steel ingots, potassium chlorate, calcium carbide and ferro alloys (whether small , medium or large scale industries) entrepreneurs have to first get a no objection certificate (NOC) from the Puducherry Pollution Control Committee through the Directorate of Industries & Commerce and then apply to the concerned authority for issue of provisional registration / NOC as the case may be.

4.     The provisional Small-Scale Industries registration or NOC will enable the entrepreneur to approach various Government Departments/Agencies for getting the clearances required to set up industries.

5. All future proposals for setting up H.T. Industries will be referred to the Electricity Department for getting initial advice regarding the availability of power for the unit and the Electricity Department will ensure that such initial advice is intimated to Industries Department within 15 days. In the case of such industries provisional registration / NOC will not be issued unless the initial advice is received from the Electricity Department.

6. After obtaining a provisional Small Scale Industries registration certificate / NOC in case of Large & Medium Scale Industries, the entrepreneur will approach the regional office of the District Industries Centre which will make available to the entrepreneurs/ Industrialists, the prescribed application forms for obtaining clearances/ permissions from the following Departments (Photocopies and computerised forms in the format required by the concerned Department will also be accepted): -

    1. Municipality /Commune Panchayat, in whose jurisdiction the industry is proposed

    2. to be set up.

    3. Chief Inspector of Factories;

    4. Town and Country Planning Department;
    5. Puducherry Planning Authority;
    6. Puducherry Pollution Control Committee;
    7. Revenue Department;
    8. Agriculture department; and
    9. Electricity Department.

7.     The proposed Industries will prepare required copies of the site, building and machinery layout plans and submit the completed applications and other relevant documents to the District Industries Centre or its regional Office for obtaining Clearances/Permissions from the various Departments. The District Industries Centre or its regional Office on receipt of duly completed applications along with necessary enclosures from the entrepreneurs will sort out the applications and forward them within 3 days to the concerned departments. On receipt of the application the Municipality/ Commune Panchayat concerned should send a notice for publication in the Official Gazette inviting objections from the public giving a specific time limit of 15 days without waiting for clearance from other Departments. The Director of Stationery & Printing will give priority in publication of such notices in the Official Gazette.

8(a). Each Department will function within the specified time frame and statutory provisions. The time frame within which such applications are required to be disposed off by the various Departments is given in the Table annexed herewith. In respect of units to be set up in the Industrial estates, the Municipality/Commune Panchayat will issue permission soon after the receipt of NOC/approval from the Puducherry Pollution Control Committee and the Chief Inspector of Factories dispensing with NOC from other Departments. Knowledge based companies engaged in Information Technology and Information Technology enabled services will be exempt from the provisions of sections 17 and 18 of the Puducherry Shops and Establishment Act, 1964 and rules 11 and 22 of the Puducherry Shops and Establishment Rules, 1964.

8(b). At present even though the concerned Municipality /Commune Panchayat ascertains the opinion of Inspector of Factories and the Puducherry Planning Authority before issuing permission, the industrialist is required to apply separately to these agencies for getting their permission. It is now decided that an Industrialistís application to the Inspector of factories and the Puducherry Planning Authority in their respective prescribed forms will be sufficient for processing the applications. These authorities need not wait to receive the applications forwarded by the concerned Municipality/Commune Panchayat. These authorities viz., the Inspector of Factories and the Puducherry Planning Authority will send copies of approvals / permissions given by them to the concerned Municipality / Commune Panchayat which will be deemed by the respective Municipality / Commune Panchayat to be the opinion of these authorities. The concerned Municipality/ Commune Panchayat need not wait for the specific opinion of the Inspector of factories or the Puducherry Planning Authority for processing the application further. No further opinion need be given by these authorities to the concerned Municipality / Commune Panchayat.

8(c). The acknowledgement issued by the Puducherry Pollution Control Committee for the NOC on pollution angle would be sufficient for processing the applications of SSI units listed under green and orange category. All necessary clearances other than the Commune Panchayat permission and including therein power feasibility may be issued for green category industries without waiting for issue of NOC from Puducherry Pollution Control Committee.

9. Meeting of the Single window Committee will be held at 3.30PM on the first working day of every month. No specific intimation will be sent in this regard. The concerned Head of Department will attend the meeting positively. In case the Head of Department is unable to attend the meeting, he must depute an officer sufficiently senior to take decisions which will be binding on the concerned departments. Once a decision is taken in the meeting, it is obligatory on the part of the departments concerned to comply with the decision without any deviation.

10. The Commissioner of the concerned Commune Panchayat /Municipality will prepare a list of pending applications as on the 18th of every month and should forward the same to the District Industries Centre on or before the 20th of every month, for review of the cases in the forthcoming Single Window committee meeting.

11. After obtaining clearance from all the Departments concerned, the Municipality /Commune Panchayat concerned will grant permission on receipt of the prescribed fees. It should be the endeavour of the Municipality/Commune Panchayat to issue permission /licence within 45 days from the date of receipt of a copy of the application from the District Industries Centre.

12. After obtaining requisite permissions /licences, if the entrepreneur experiences any difficulty in obtaining permanent power connection to start the Industry, he will approach the District Industries Centre which will help him to obtain the required power connection expeditiously from the Electricity Department through the services of Single Window Committee.

13. In respect of the outlying regions, the Regional Executive Officer of the concerned region will take similar steps to ensure that permissions/Licenses are issued by the concerned Municipality /Commune Panchayat within the stipulated time. Cases which are placed in the Regional Single Window Committee meeting and not cleared for more than 90 days will be reviewed in the High Level Committee for Industrial Clearances.

14. The Director, Local Administration Department will ensure that the concerned Municipality / Commune Panchayat issues clearances within the time limits specified.

15. Feasibility certificates will be issued to eligible units by the Electricity Department within one month of the receipt of applications for grant of new power supply/ extension of power supply and the same will be issued without insisting on clearances from any other departments. LT connections will be energised within one month from the date of receipt of Applications therefor. The gestation period for extending H.T. Power connection will be three months from the date of furnishing H.T. applications in full shape. Applications for energisation of the electricity connection should be complete in all respects with requisite clearances from the concerned departments.

16. When new industries are set up in premises with existing power connection, the Electricity Department will not insist on transfer of power policy and permit the Industries to utilise the existing power in starting production as is the procedure followed for domestic power consumers.



Sl. No


Dept./ Organisation

Time limit


  1. Issue of Provisional SSI Regn. Certificate.

Issue of Provisional NOC to Medium/ Large Scale Industries. of Non-Chemical and Non-Polluting nature.

Directorate of Industries & Commerce.

Directorate of Industries & Commerce

7 days


7 days


Forwarding of application to the concerned depts. for issue of permission by Municipality/ Commune panchayat under Single Window System

District Industries Centre

3 days


(a) Issue of acknowledgement for receipt of application for issue of NOC from pollution angle in respect of green and orange categories.

(b) Issue of NOC from Pollution angle

Puducherry Pollution Control Committee


Puducherry Pollution Control Committee

7 days


6 Weeks


Site Clearance

Town and Country Planning Dept.

1 month


Approval of factory building and machinery lay out

Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers

1 month


Permission for land use conversion/ ground water clearance (outside the Industrial estate)

Agriculture Department

1 month


  1. Power Feasibility certificate.
  2. Intimation of initial advice to Industries & Commerce. Department in respect of High Tension industries
  3. Energisation of Low Tension connections on receipt of application.
  4. Energisation of High Tension connection on receipt of application

Electricity Department

Electricity Department


Electricity Department

Electricity Department

1 month

15 days


1 month

3 months


Clearance under Revenue Acts wherever necessary

Revenue Dept.

6 Weeks


Publication of proposals inviting objections, if any in the Official Gazette

Directorate of Stationery & Printing

15 days


Licence, where required

Food & Drugs Admn.

1 month


Licence, where required

Civil Supplies Dept.

1 month


Statutory permission for establishment of the unit

Municipality/Commune Panchayat

45 days

For Commencement of Regular Production after Installation of Plant and Machinery



Municipality/commune Panchayat

1 month


Running licence

Inspectorate of Factories

1 month


Consent for operation of the unit

Puducherry Pollution Control Committee.

6 weeks


  1. Issue of permanent SSI registration.
  2. Issue of commencement of production certification in case of large / medium scale unit

Directorate of Industries & Commerce.

Directorate of Industries & Commerce.

1 month

1 month

                                          UNDER SECRETARY TO GOVT. (IND & COM.)


The Director,

Directorate of Stationery and Printing, Puducherry

Copy to:-

  1. All the Members of the Committee.
  2. All the Secretaries to Government, Puducherry/Secretary to Lt. Governor/Secretary to

  3. Chief Minister/P.S. to Ministers/P.S. to Speaker/P.S. to Deputy Speaker.

  4. All Heads of Departments.
  5. The Regional Executive Officers, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam.